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A Short Guide to 4k TV

In the digital world that we live in today, upgrades are always coming. You cannot find an electronic device that will not have an upgrade in a year or less. Devices become immediately obsolete if upgrades are not provided for in the shortest possible time. Because of this face the rise in electronic devices and technology has been tremendous. You will see upgrades almost every month at times.

And, there is no leaving behind TV screens. TV screen upgrades have also been seen since the technology boom a few years back. During the earlier years, tubes were used for TV screens which emitted radiation and proved to be a hazardous thing for people viewing TV. Today, you can find various types of LED screens and other types as well. Screen resolution was not so good before and so there was a need to upgrade this quickly too.

Before, 720 p was the highest quality of TV screens you can find for your TV. This was upgraded to 1080 p TV resolution which was a far better one than the 720 p. These numbers are simply the number of pixels that are condensed into a TV screen. 1080 pixels are aligned vertically in a 1080 p TV resolution. However, the measurement excludes pixels that are horizontally aligned.
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When 2k entered the market, it was a time when the 1080 p was thought to be the best TV resolution for watching. 2k took the market by storm and soon almost everyone purchasing a new TV demanded 2k resolution. 2k screens then became the standard resolution for advertisement screens and screens used in business. If you go to any TV shop, you will definitely find several types of 2k resolution TV screens available, but you will also find something even bigger.
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Just a few months ago, a new TV screen resolution was just released into the market. The 4k TV is the most expensive TV screen as of this day which is now available for your to purchase. So, get rid of your 2k TV and now is the time to get that 4k resolution TV screen. The cost of a 4k resolution TV screen is said to be something more than the cost of a brand new SUV. This fact may shock people but if you take a trip to your local TV shop, you will soon find out that this is in fact true. As you read this, 4k is the latest and greatest TV screen, but you will never now, in a few months you can find a 6k or a 10 k screens in the market.

People may ask the question, “Where will it end?”. The truth is that it will not end, it will only take a different course. While things are getting larger today, perhaps the trend will be for getting smaller soon.